Plain Rib


Fascia brackets are available in solid brass or chromated aluminum. Our cast brass items are 88% copper, medium in color and will oxidize over time. Chromating is an industrial primer for aluminum castings and needs to be painted.

Plain cast bracket offer substantial substance in areas of snow and ice.

We recommend spacing our fascia brackets every 32″ on center. Fascia brackets can be mounted the fascia board with 2 – 1½” stainless steel hex head screws.

When installing our cast fascia brackets on to a fascia board of composite material (Hardie board, cement board, fiber board, p.v.c., etc.), we advise using 2 ¾” stainless steel screws, mounted through the composite board into the 2x sub-fascia. When there is no 2x sub-fascia the bracket needs to be directly installed into the rafter tails.

See gutter fastening options below.

Our decorative accessories can be used to accent our 5″, 6″ & 8″ cast Plain fascia brackets. In addition, several of our accessories can adorn our funnel outlet and collector boxes. The cast accessory is installed with a black oxide screw through the front of the Plain fascia bracket and secured with a flange nut. All accessories for Plain fascia brackets are available in brass and chromated aluminum (ready to paint).


The gutter nests inside the fascia bracket and can be secured down in the following ways:

Screw Installation
A black oxide stainless steel machine screw is placed through the front of the fascia bracket and gutter, then anchored on the inside with a flanged nut.


Tab Installation
A tab is secured to the fascia bracket with a black oxide stainless steel screw and t-nut. The tab is folded over the gutter to secure in place.



For an angled fascia application we offer wedges to be used with our fascia brackets. In a situation where a fascia installation is not applicable a fascia bracket with a roof bar can be used.

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