Note: Words in italics refer to commonly used terms for the same item

Box Gutter- Gutter that is square in shape with a slant on front.

Casting– Manufacturing process where liquid metal is poured into a mold. The result is a strong durable product.

Chromating- An industrial primer for aluminum material. Items still require painting.

Corrugated Downspout- Allows for expansion. fluted. 

Downspout- A pipe that carries rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or the ground. down pipe, leaders, drainpipes. 

Downspout Extension- A section of downspout added to extend downspout.

Downspout Boot- A decorative extension at the end of a downspout.

Downspout Clean Out- Downspout extension which includes trap for catching debris when going into a drain tile.

Downspout Strap- Simple strap to attach downspout to structure. leader strap. 

Elbow- Offset. 

End Cap- End piece placed at the end of a gutter section.

Expanded End (Downspout & Elbows)- Eliminates the need for crimping when connecting two pieces.

Fascia Bracket- Gutter bracket that mounts to fascia board. gutter hanger, hanger. 

Funnel Outlet- An outlet placed on the outside of the gutter. A decorative alternative to a regular outlet.

Galvalume– A steel with a coating of aluminum and zinc.

Gauge- Refers to the thickness of gutter.

Gutter- Horizontal channel installed at the edge of the roof to carry rainwater and melted snow away from the house. Eavestroughs. 

Half Round Gutter- Just as the name implies; it is essentially a half circle, with the open half facing the roof

K-Style Gutter- Ogee Gutter. 

Lap Jointoverlap, splice. 

Leader Head– A decorative box used to collect rainwater and guide it to the downspout.

Outlet– A formed piece that serves as the hole from which the water travels from the horizontal section of the gutter to the downspout. tube, drop outlet/tube, funnel. 

Offset– A pipe that redirects a downspout from the gutter under the eaves towards the house, and then down a wall or the distance from the outlet back to the wall of the structure.

Gutter Slope- The angle at which a horizontal section of gutter is tilted in order to force water to flow toward a downspout.

Radius Gutter– Custom gutter formed in rounded sections to accommodate a turret or round area with minimal seaming.

Roof Mount– A method of installing the gutter attachment directly to the roof. Examples of roof mount hanging include a rod with a hidden bracket or a roof bar with a fascia bracket.

Spherical End Cap- radius end cap. 

Stamped Item stamped out of metal.

Strip Miter– Strip of metal to connect both legs of gutter at a corner. Strip miters do not leave a loose corner as do box miters.

Smooth Downspout- Round downspout. 

Tie Strap– Strap that adds support for a hidden gutter bracket when attaching to the fascia.

Wedge- Wedges are used behind fascia brackets to accommodate for an angled fascia or rafter tail. Wedges range from 7.5 degrees to 45 degrees.

Welded Seam Downspout- Welded seam copper downspout and elbows have a smooth, seamless appearance versus the more common folded seam.