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3″ x 4″ x 16 oz. Corrugated Copper K-Style Downspout, 10 ft. Lengths


Don’t forget to order additional downspout for elbow offsets and future repairs.

Price shown is per 10 foot length.

Each gutter and downspout order is unique at Classic Gutter Systems. Once you’ve placed your order on this website, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours with a complete, detailed quote including packaging and shipping costs.

3″, 4″ & 5″ Round Flat Bottom Outlets, Copper & Aluminum


These flat bottom round outlets are available in 3″, 4″ & 5″ sizes in copper and aluminum (colors are almond, black, clay, light bronze, low gloss white, musket brown, painted galvalume, royal brown and wicker). Some colors may take extra lead time to ship. See color chart below.

(Note: When ordering copper outlets, be sure to choose copper as the Color in the dropdown menu below.)

K-Style Hidden Gutter Brackets


Our 5″ and 6″ K-Style gutter brackets are available in two materials. The .063 aluminum brackets are compatible with aluminum and Galvalume gutter system. Our .060 stainless steel brackets are compatible with copper, aluminum and Galvalume gutter system.

We recommend a general spacing of the brackets every 32″ on center. Extra strength can be achieved by placing the brackets closer together. This is a good idea for sections of the country dealing with heavy snow loads. Areas not dealing with heavy ice or snow can space the brackets further apart.


Copper Strip Miters For K-Style Gutter


We manufacture strip miters which duplicate the configuration of a corner. Strip miters are installed on the outside of the gutter and are approximately 3″ wide.

90° corner-cut each gutter length at 45° angles
45° corner-cut each gutter length at 22½° angles

Your cuts do not need to be perfect, the strip miter allows for tolerance while maintaining a custom corner. An additional 12″ needs to be added to each piece of gutter used on an outside mitered corner. Inside miters do not require extra gutter. The miters are installed with 3/8″ stainless steel screws and soldered on the inside.

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Leaf Defier Foam Gutter Protection for K-Style Gutter, 4 ft section


Leaf Defier™ is placed in the gutter without screws, clips or straps, and allows water to quickly drain while preventing debris from clogging your gutter.

The extreme Defiance™ coating is a high-performance multi-polymer coating treatment which provides superior protection against extreme weather conditions.

See more product benefits here.

Biocide and fungicide have been applied to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, algae and moss. The foam also features a UV stabilizer to prevent degradation from the sun.

Note: Orders for 6 or more sections shipped via UPS require an oversize carton(s), measuring 49″ x 11″ x 8″. We’ll advise you of the additional UPS cost before shipping your order.