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Hidden Half Round Gutter Brackets with Rods


Our 5″, 6″ and 8″ gutter brackets are available in two materials. The .063 aluminum brackets are compatible with aluminum and Galvalume gutter system. Our .060 stainless steel brackets are compatible with copper, aluminum and Galvalume gutter system.

They can be installed by two different methods. Whichever you choose, we recommend a general spacing of the brackets every 32″ on center. Extra strength can be achieved by placing the brackets closer together. This is a good idea for sections of the country dealing with heavy snow loads. Areas not dealing with heavy ice or snow can space the brackets further apart.

Gutter Brackets hung from the roof with a rod are called hanger units. Existing roofs, with a standard shingle installation, will have the rod placed over the first course of shingles and the flat part of the rod secured with 1½” screws under the second row of shingles. A new roof installation allows the rods to be placed under the roofing material, especially important for tile or slate roofs.

Stainless steel rods are shipped straight and need to be bent on-site. A rod bending tool can be rented to consistently bend the stainless steel rods to the same angle. The rod bender deposit is refundable upon the return of the tool. The bracket tab can be bent over the back hem of the gutter for a free floating installation.

For coastal locations we recommend using our marine stainless steel rods.

The aluminum rods are also shipped straight and can be bent by hand.

Hanger units are shipped with 1½” stainless steel screws and include the 2 stainless steel nuts used with the rods.

Tie Straps, Stainless Steel


A tie strap is used in combination with a hidden bracket to support the front of the gutter. Prices listed are for the tie strap only and do not include the bracket.

The combination of the bracket and tie strap is sometimes referred to as a “clip and screw installation”. The bracket is clipped into the gutter, screwed through the existing hole in the back of the bracket, through the gutter and into the fascia with a 1½” stainless steel screw. Another 1½” stainless steel screw through the back of the tie strap and into the fascia keeps the gutter plumb and extremely strong.

Please see hidden brackets for bracket options.

Note: The 6″ tie strap can be used with KWM half round brackets.