Classic Bar Brackets


Our Classic Bar Bracket is available in copper and chromated aluminum. Chromating is an industrial primer for aluminum and needs to be painted.

Please note: Our 6″ copper classic bar is now available in 1-1/4″ wide copper material for added strength and durability.

We recommend spacing our fascia brackets every 32″ on center. The bracket can be mounted to either the fascia board or rafter tails.

For use with an angled fascia: In areas without snow or ice, the back of the bracket can be bent in a vice to the desired angle of the fascia or rafter tail.

The fascia bracket is installed with 2 – #10 1½” hex head stainless steel screws. The gutter nests inside the bracket and is anchored by folding down both tabs.

The Classic Bar Bracket requires the fascia board to be a minimum of 3½” in height.

Additional information

Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 0.188 in

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