Wedges for Angled Fascia


These cast Bracket Wedges are specifically designed for use with our Cast Fascia Brackets on angled fascia. Install these wedges between the brackets and fascia to compensate for the fascia’s angle.

The first photo shows a wedge used with our Cast Fascia Bracket. Second photo shows wedge front and side views plus dimensions. (Note: no photo of the 7.5 degree wedge.)

PRINT WEDGE ANGLE CHART: The third image is our handy wedge angle chart. Click here for a larger image (pdf) that you may print out. With the chart and a level, you’ll be able to determine the angle of your fascia and which wedges you’ll need.

Available in 6 sizes – 7.5, 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5 and 45 degrees in solid brass or chromated aluminum (ready for paint).

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