The following Classic Gutter Systems parts have been designed to fit KWM 6″ half round reverse bead gutter.

Our KWM compatible cast Plain KWM bracket and 6” hidden hanger unit brackets in stainless steel and aluminum have been designed to properly fit gutter produced by 6” KWM gutter machines.

Please note that any of our cast brackets can be made KWM compatible with enough lead time. (A minimum order may be required.)

KWM compatible hidden hanger unit brackets have been designed to properly fit the dimensions of KWM gutter.

Fascia brackets are available in solid brass or chromated aluminum. Our cast brass items are 88% copper, medium in color and will oxidize over time. Chromating is an industrial primer for aluminum castings, and these brackets will need to be painted.

We recommend spacing our fascia brackets every 32″ on center, and they can be mounted to the fascia board with 1-1/2″ stainless steel hex head screws.

For an angled fascia application, we offer 7.5, 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5 and 45 degree wedges (see wedge options below) to be used with our fascia brackets. In a situation where a fascia installation is not applicable, a fascia bracket and roof bar can be used.

We also offer KWM compatible 6″ stamped fascia brackets—see them here »

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