Gutter Hood, 26 Gauge Galvalume


Gutter hood is designed to be used with a fascia bracket installation. Gutter hood is available in 6′ sections shipped via UPS or 10′ maximum lengths shipped via common carrier.

Clips inserted on the front lip of the gutter hold the gutter hood in place. The back of the gutter hood can be made flat to be placed under the shingles or bent (as shown in the photo) for a fascia attachment.

We highly recommend ordering our gutter when using gutter hood. We suggest that you order a sample of a gutter hood to confirm compatability, if not using our gutter.

NOTE: Gutter hood cannot be installed with a fascia angle greater than approximately 20 degrees.

All clips and screws necessary for installation are included.

Price shown is per foot.

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Weight 0.2 lbs

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