Cast Projecting Mount Downspout Bracket with Circular Base


The cast stirrup standoff bracket and base is used when clearance is needed between your building and the downspout. The stirrup is attached to the projecting base with a 1″ bolt and is then attached to the structure with 2-1½” stainless steel hex head screws.

Standoff Dimensions: 2″ for 3″ size; 2-3/8″ for 4″ size.

The brass bracket includes a .054 phosphorus bronze spring and the aluminum bracket includes a .054 stainless steel spring.

Photos show standoff bracket combined with 1-1/2″ diameter circular base (link); combined projection dimension for 3″ size is 3-1/8″, for 4″ size it’s 3-1/2″.

All aluminum is chromated and needs to be painted.

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