Copper Roof Vent Pipe


Be a talk of the neighborhood and improve the appearance of the exposed PVC piping on your roof with our distinctive copper roof vent cover. (4″ vent pipe may be different than photo – may not include cap.)

Also available in chromated aluminum (needs to be painted).

The Roof Vent Pipe has an adjustable lead sleeve that allows for the installation on a roof pitch between 2/12 and 10/12.

4″ Vent Pipe:
Height 14″
Plate 15¼ x 12⅜”
Pipe Diameter 3⅞”
To be used to cover 3″ PVC pipe

5″ Vent Pipe:
Height 14″
Plate 15½ x 15″
Pipe Diameter 4¾”
To be used to cover 4″ PVC pipe

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Weight 3.6 lbs