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Roof Mount Scroll Bar Brackets


Our Roof Mount Classic Bar and Scroll Bar Brackets are available in copper and chromated aluminum. Chromating is an industrial primer for aluminum and needs to be painted.

We recommend spacing our fascia brackets every 32″ on center. The bracket can be mounted to either the fascia board or rafter tails.  This bracket is not intended to be installed in areas with heavy snow or ice.

For a roof mount installation, the back of the bracket can be bent in a vice to the desired angle roof.

The fascia bracket is installed with 2 – #10 1½” hex head stainless steel screws. The gutter nests inside the bracket and is anchored by folding down both tabs.

Tie Straps, Stainless Steel


A tie strap is used in combination with a hidden bracket to support the front of the gutter. Prices listed are for the tie strap only and do not include the bracket.

The combination of the bracket and tie strap is sometimes referred to as a “clip and screw installation”. The bracket is clipped into the gutter, screwed through the existing hole in the back of the bracket, through the gutter and into the fascia with a 1½” stainless steel screw. Another 1½” stainless steel screw through the back of the tie strap and into the fascia keeps the gutter plumb and extremely strong.

Please see hidden brackets for bracket options.

Note: The 6″ tie strap can be used with KWM half round brackets.


6″ & 8″ x .063 Gauge Stamped Half Round Fascia Brackets, Colored Aluminum


We recommend spacing our fascia brackets every 32″ on center. Our stamped fascia bracket requires the fascia board to be at least 4½” in height.

The gutter is secured by folding the back tab down and the front tab over the lip of the gutter.

Stamped fascia brackets are not as strong as our cast fascia brackets. If you are in an area that has heavy snow fall, we recommend cast fascia brackets for strength.

Note: Only available in 6″ – Coppertone, grecian green and pearl grey brackets consist of two layers x .032. NEW rustic copper consists of two layers x .027 rustic copper/.032 brown. Do not separate during installation.