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4″ x .024 Aluminum Smooth Round & Corrugated Elbows


Smooth elbows will have one end expanded for ease of installation. 

Our Aluminum Elbows are available in several Standard Colors (smooth and corrugated styles) and Select Colors in smooth style. See Color Chart below. We can also produce Select Color corrugated elbows for a $100.00 up charge per order.

The average installation requires two elbows at the top and one at the bottom. If you are connecting your downspout into a drain tile, the elbow at the bottom is not necessary.

The offset is the measurement of two connected elbows. 40 degree elbows have a 3″–9″ offset; 72 degree elbows have a 9″ offset.

The degree of elbow you use is determined by the overhang of your structure. To determine the overhang, measure the distance between the wall of your building and the back of the outlet. An overhang of 9″ will require 2- 72 degree elbows. If your overhang is greater than 9″ you’ll need to insert a piece of downspout between the elbows.

An overhang of less than 9″ will require (2) 40 degree elbows. This elbow combination also works when making a transition around a ledge or other protrusions.

You’ll need to reduce the size of the opening on the elbows and downspout when using either corrugated or smooth options. (see Product Description below left and our Elbow & Downspout Crimper Tool.)

Note: Smooth elbows will have folds in the bend.

4″ x .024 Aluminum Smooth Round & Corrugated Downspout


Downspout sections are available in 10′ pre-cut lengths. We recommend corrugated downspout for areas of the country that experience snow and ice. Corrugation allows for expansion in the event of ice build-up in the downspout. Corrugation also helps hide nicks and dents from daily exposure.

Smooth downspout is recommended mainly for southern climates. We take great care in the packaging of our downspout; however, flawless sections of smooth downspout cannot be guaranteed due to potential improper handling by the freight carriers.

All of our 4″ aluminum smooth downspout  has one expanded end for ease of installation, allowing for a a far superior installation to the traditional crimped joint. We are proud to be the only manufacturer to supply 13 colors of 4″ aluminum downspout with an expanded end.

Don’t forget to order additional downspout for elbow offsets and future repairs.

Price shown is per 10 foot length. Each box holds 60 ft. of 4″ downspout.

Our Aluminum Downspout is available in Smooth and Corrugated styles in these four Standard Colors: high gloss white, low gloss white, dark bronze and royal brown (see Aluminum Color Chart below). Note: We can make Select Color Corrugated Downspout and Elbows for a $100.00 up charge (one charge per color, per order).

Downspout orders LONGER than 6′ will be shipped via truck and subject to a MINIMUM shipping fee of $150.00

One to three pieces of downspout can be sent UPS. The 10′ downspout will be cut into 6′ & 4′ sections. UPS charges will run in the $100 range. Please indicate in the “Order Notes” area at checkout whether you want a UPS or freight quote.

Each gutter and downspout order is unique at Classic Gutter Systems. Once you’ve placed your order on this website, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours with a complete, detailed quote including packaging and shipping costs.