What parts do I need for my gutter system?
Answer: Please refer to our Estimate Forms for a listing of the items necessary for a basic gutter system.

Question: What is the cost of shipping an order with gutter and/or downspout?
Answer: We ship common carrier and will do our best to obtain the lowest possible rate. The cost will be included on your estimate.

How do I get a quote for shipping an order containing gutter, downspout, vent pipes, large custom offsets or foam?
Answer: See two options below-

  • Submit information on website: Enter the complete information as if placing an order on our website. Payment information is not required at this time. We will calculate the boxing & shipping and return the information to you as a complete estimate ready to be confirmed.
  • Submit Estimate Form: Complete an estimate form with shipping address and material totals and e-mail or fax to us. We will calculate the boxing and shipping for you and return a complete estimate to you, ready to be confirmed.
  • NOTE: It is not possible for us to quote shipping charges without accurate shipping information.


Question: What is a gutter box?
Answer: A gutter box is necessary for shipping the gutter. We can nest 4–6 pieces of gutter per box depending on the size of gutter and shipping destination.

Question: Can I pick my order up?
Answer: Please give us 7-10 days notice-we will provide you with pick-up instructions and directions. You must be able to support and secure the entire length of gutter stacks.

Question: What are your payment terms? What is your lead time?
Answer: We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, as well as business and personal checks. If you choose to send a business or personal check, we will wait approximately 5–7 business days before processing your order. We strive to keep all items in stock. Lead time is generally 7–10 business days. Allow 1–8 days for shipping depending on the destination.

Question: Do you have an installer in my area?
Answer: We are manufacturers, not installers. We ship nationwide to homeowners, contractors, distributors and suppliers. We are happy to assist you with basic installation questions on an individual basis.

Question: Do you ship to Canada?
Answer: Yes.

  • UPS Orders: UPS-able orders can easily be shipped to Canada. All Canadian duties, taxes and fees are the customer’s responsibility.
  • Freight Deliveries: For common carrier deliveries, we will need your Canadian broker information. If you do not have a broker, we may be able to help you identify a broker. All Canadian duties, taxes and fees are the customer’s responsibility.


Question: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: Yes, however, you must call to place your order for accurate shipping rates. International orders cannot be placed on the website.


Question: How do I measure my house?
Answer: Whomever the installer, we recommend they take all measurements to insure proper lengths. (We feel that adding extra footage of gutter and downspout is a good idea.)

Question: How do I connect 2 pieces of gutter (often called a lap joint)?
Answer: Simply lap the gutter approximately 12″ after trimming back the front lip and back hem of the gutter. Screw down and caulk for aluminum and Galvalume or solder for copper.

Question: Strip miter installation:
Answer: Strip miters are formed to the configuration of inside and outside corners on a gutter system. Miters are installed on the outside of the gutter and are approximately 3″ wide. Your cuts need not be perfect, the miter allows for tolerance while maintaining a custom corner. An additional 12″ of gutter length is required for each outside mitered corner. It is not necessary to add footage for inside corners.

      • 90° corner: cut 2-45° angles
      • 45° corner: cut 2-22 1/2° angles


Question: What are the choices of attaching gutter to a building?
Answer: Gutter can be hung from bars or rods attached to the roof or by brackets attached to the buildings fascia. There are several methods available within each attachment type.

Please see product pages for fascia brackets and roof mount installations for more detailed information.

Question: How do I decide what hanging system to use for my gutter?
Answer: First, determine if you have a fascia board that you can use to attach brackets. If so, any of our fascia brackets are a good option. If you prefer to hang your gutter from the roof, our hanger unit (bracket & rod combination) is a good option.

Question: What is the proper spacing for gutter brackets?
Answer: We suggest that all of our brackets be installed every 32″ on center.

Question: How much slope or pitch does my gutter need for proper drainage?
Answer: We suggest that the gutter be sloped approximately 1/16″ per foot for good drainage.

Question: When do I use a 40° or 72° elbow?
Answer: Check our elbow pages for specific details of each elbow.

      • 72° elbows are most commonly used in installations with larger offsets.
      • 40° elbows are used in applications with a minimal roof overhang, or can be used as a ledge jumper.


Question: Is copper compatible with aluminum or Galvalume?
Answer: No, copper and brass are not compatible with aluminum and Galvalume.

Question: How many running feet of gutter can be handled by one downspout?
Answer: The general rule is approximately 30′-40′ of gutter per 4″ downspout.

Question: What is a rod bender?
Answer: A rod bender is used for bending the stainless steel rods to whatever angle necessary. The rods are shipped straight to be bent specifically to your roof pitch. Rod benders are not required for aluminum hanger units. The rod bender can be rented — the deposit is refunded upon its return.

Question: What is chromating?
Answer: Chromating is the coating process used on our aluminum castings as a primer for paint. The chromate layer enhances the adhesion between the aluminum and your paint coating. The chromated finish must be painted to ensure a long lasting aluminum casting.


Question: How will I know when my gutter order has shipped?
You will be notified with specific receiving instructions (via e-mail) that your gutter order has shipped. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully in order for the process to go smoothly. You will receive the contact information to the freight company, the Pro# of your shipment and the number of boxes that are being shipped. This is all important information when receiving your material.

Question: What is your return policy?
Answer: Extra gutter components may be returned with approval. A return authorization number will be given for an approved return (please complete and submit the form below). A 20% restocking fee will be assessed and return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. Gutter and downspout are not returnable.

Please fill out and submit the Request for Return Authorization Form below before shipping items back to us. Thank you!

Request for Return Authorization Form